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Noor Fay Gharzeddine is a Lebanese-American filmmaker born and raised in New York City. She is the recipient of the 2018 Joe Consentino Emerging Filmmaker Award and won Best First Feature at the Naples International Film Festival. Noor enjoys studying unlikely relationships and strange environments in her work. She is fascinated with films that blend hyper-realism with absurdity, and tragedy with comedy.

Her debut feature, Are You Glad Iā€™m Here, premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival in April of 2018 and went on to 17 other film festivals throughout the US, Middle East and Europe. The film won the Audience Award and Best Original Score at the Brooklyn Film Festival, Best Screenplay at the Napa Valley Film Festival, and was the runner up for Best Narrative Feature at the Bushwick Film Festival. After a month long theatrical release in Lebanon, the film is now available on Amazon Prime and other SVOD platforms.

Noor has a BA in Film and Electronic Arts from Bard College, where she had the privilege of studying under influential filmmakers such as Kelly Reichardt, Ben Coonley and Peter Hutton. She is currently shooting a short video series, developing a scripted comedy, and writing her next film.  

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